Plantation Shutters for Modern Appeal

December 28, 2009

Plantation shutters have a particular look to them as opposed to traditional window shutters. Plantation shutters have wider, moveable louvers than traditional window shutters. The louvers are the slats in the panel. The louvers generally measure in the three inch range, which tends to give them a more contemporary look than their traditional counterparts.

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Plantation shutters are used in interiors and slip seamlessly into any room of the home. The wider louvers allow more visibility and the panels can be kept closed while the louvers allow ventilation and light. In quality plantation shutters, the louvers use tension to hold them in the selected position.

Plantation shutters can be used to cover just the lower portion of the window, which is known as the café style, or two tiered units for complete coverage.

Traditional shutters have much smaller louvers, generally 1 - 1-1/2 inches, and like plantation shutters, the louvers are moveable. As traditional styled shutters are also called colonial shutters, it's a safe bet that they're better styled for traditional décor. Café shutters that cover the lower portion are often paired with valances or a similar topper for a cozier look. It's become quite a popular pairing in cottage and country decorating.

While interior window shutters don't offer the most energy efficient option of window treatments, their looks often make up for that transgression. In fact, both interior and exterior shutters can pay for themselves in added value to the home.

Plantation shutters tend to be the best choice for warmer climates, as they block sunlight and heat while maximizing ventilation. Colonial styled shutters tend to be more popular in colder climates. But these aren't rules written in stone. Choose the style that is more appropriate and the more stylish choice for your home and your décor.

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