Indoor Shutters for Upscale Homes

December 26, 2009

Indoor window shutters are popular upscale window treatments and offer a luxury alternative to window blinds, curtains and shades. Indoor window shutters are louvered with slats that operate with a tilt bar to open and close the louvers as needed. Each shutter is hinged to either the window frame or another panel to allow the shutter unit to be fully opened or closed in addition to the louvers.

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Because of the use of the panels, many shutters need to be custom made. It's this aspect, along with the wood material, that makes the shutter seem to be a luxury purchase. But with new online offerings and more technology, interior shutters are becoming more affordable window coverings. For a true budget solution, standard width shutter panels can be ordered and cut to size to accommodate the measurements of the window. It's become a popular option for homeowners looking for upscale window coverings with a more budget friendly cost.

While wood interior shutters have been the most popular choice, more affordable materials are also being offered in interior shutters. Fiberglass and other manmade materials are sneaking into shutters as more lightweight and low maintenance options.

But are interior window shutters worth the hype? In terms of looks, perhaps, but in terms of energy efficiency, louvered shutters are best kept in warmer climates to reduce solar heat rather than keep out cold temperatures.

Solid wood shutters without louvers are the better choice for energy efficiency, but they don't offer the adjustable lighting levels of the louvers. So there's a definite tradeoff in colder climates.

Wood interior shutters have a long history of luxury living, and as such, can make a worthy investment to add value to your home.

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