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Exterior window shutters add charm and possibly protection to your home. If you don't need protection from wind, heat, cold, or pests, decorative shutters can be mounted on your siding. Need those protections? Mount shutters on hinges and latch or lock them. Exterior window shutters can also provide privacy while allowing ventilation. Locked shutters are great deterrents for vacant homes.

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Shutters were traditionally made of wood. Some still are, but other materials such as composite fiberglass, composite wood, vinyl, and aluminum are popular, easier-care alternatives.

Window Shutters for Every Taste and Budget

Ballpark prices shown below are for 12" x 60" plain Colonial-style louvered shutters. Other available styles include raised panel, board and batten, arch topped, and more.

  • Composite fiberglass: The exceptional wood-like beauty, remarkable strength and lifetime-warranty durability of fiberglass shutters make them top of the line. They're problem-free and have a very wide variety of colors. They are easy to clean. Historically accurate designs are widely accepted. Rough price: $470 per pair for a premium, non-storm-rated version. Color is an integral part of the fiberglass material.
  • Vinyl: Attractive and easy to clean, vinyl's color is throughout the material. A premium grade that is 30% thicker than budget models is roughly $40.00. There are many color choices. Shop for a 20-year warranty.
  • Composite wood: These window shutters are described as "solid core wood composite." They may have special coating or chemical components that resist rain, temperature extremes, and pests. Some have a 10-year warranty. A pair pre-painted in a choice of traditional colors costs approximately $170.00.
  • Genuine wood:Shutters made of cedar, western red cedar, pine, cypress, redwood, mahogany and other woods are available. Some come primed. Unblemished wood suitable for staining has a surcharge. Expect to repaint every 7 to 10 years. Warranties will be from 1 year to limited lifetime. An unprimed redwood pair is about $225.00.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum window shutters offer a great strength to weight ratio, making them a lightweight operable shutter well adapted to wind-driven impact resistance. They come in a number of powder-coated colors. Warranties are in the 3-year range and prices are about $300.00 per pair.

Manufacturers include Builder's Edge, Pinecroft, POMA, Vantage, Severe Weather, Exterior Solutions, Gulfstream Aluminum & Shutter Corp., Larsen Shutter Co., Timberlane Shutters, and more.


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