Window Curtains du Jour: How to Turn Your Windows into Works of Art

March 10, 2010

Who knew that fabric could do so much with so little? For those of you who thought window treatments required fancy hardware and expensive linens, think again. Contemporary window curtains and bay window curtains meet at the intersection of minimal and natural. With their organic composition and brilliant colors, these window curtains are sure to light up your life from the inside out.

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Window Curtains and Bay Window Curtains

Curtains are a popular window treatment because they're versatile and relatively inexpensive when compared to other options. Those homeowners with just a little bit of sewing experience can create beautiful looks using ready-made templates.

Option #1: The Jabot

  • Features a tapered portion of fabric that is self- or contrast-lined
  • The lining can fold back when pleated to add substance to the design
  • Can be pleated and used as a frame on each side of a row of swags
  • Proportions should be one-half or two-thirds the full length of the window

Option #2: The Hanging Panel

  • Informal panels are hemmed at both the top and the bottom
  • Can be hung on a pole or rod by rings or hooks, then draped in natural folds
  • Comes in wrinkle-resistant sheer material or machine-washable polyester
  • Can be coupled with blinds or shades for a hybrid design

Option #3: The Café Curtain

  • Covers the bottom part of a window for privacy
  • Leaves the upper half of the window open for the view and light
  • Can be sewn with tab tops that show off decorative hardware
  • Options include gingham or lace, perfect for a kitchen or bay window curtains

And these are just a few options. You can see the variety available to you as you mix and match the different rooms of your home.

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