Upgraded Window Shades for Custom Style Solutions

December 23, 2009

Window shades are an affordable and energy efficient window treatment. Long preferred as the budget solution for privacy, light control and energy savings, window shades have stepped up their options in styles as well.

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Pleated shades have replaced the plain-Jane roll up shades that graced many a window of our childhood. The pleats not only add visible interest and texture to the shade, but they offer more in the way of opening and closing options as well. Remember that horrible snap of those old roller blinds that always scared the heck out of you when you when the shade flew up? Thank goodness those are out of the picture!

Another upgrade to style in window shades, the ability to hide the hardware and the shade. Invest in a custom wood valance to draw the attention from the shade's hardware, it's more cost friendly than you may think and well worth the upgrade.

Upgraded roller shades are now more sleek, modern and compact than their budget counterparts. They offer a tight close that increases energy efficiency. Upgraded materials offer increased energy savings and light filtering options vary from light diffusion to blackout shades.

Woven wood shades are popular options that add a natural option for today's more modern interiors. Their neutral colors combined with texture make it the perfect foil for contemporary styles. While these aren't the most energy efficient options, they're one of the most stylish and modern window shades.

Window shades have come full circle in styles, options and energy efficiency. It's good to see that they are still affordable options in window treatments even with all the style upgrades!

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