Money Saving Window Shades

January 05, 2010

Window shades are the best window coverings for saving energy. Mounting window shades as close to the window as possible, with the sides as close to the wall as possible, offers increased energy efficiency. This mounting method creates a sealed air space between the window and the shade that controls heat loss and gain in all seasons.

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Keeping window shades lowered during the summer will keep the heat out and the electric bill lower. During the winter, raise shades on the South side of the home to let in sunlight, and lower the shade at night.

Since windows normally account for up to one half of the heat gain or loss in the home, energy efficient window shades can result in big cost savings. In fact, the windows account for more energy consumption than the roof, walls and attic combined. If left to their own device, an uncovered, standard window allows nearly 20 times more of the exterior temperature into your home. Still think the window shade is just for privacy, light or looks?

While mounting the window shade properly makes a big difference in energy efficiency, so does the material used. Cellular pleated window shades and wood blinds are more energy efficient than their roller shade counterparts. Using a lighter colored window shade is best for warm climates, as the lighter color reflects solar heat.

Another consideration in energy efficient window shades is the "shading coefficient" of the various shade materials. This measures the ability of the window treatment to reduce the solar heat gain.

Invest in quality window shades and install them properly. Your investment will be paid back in energy cost savings that will make it a worthy investment.

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