What are the Latest Designs in Window Curtains?

December 14, 2009

Ask any interior designer and you'll hear that dressing-up your windows is that fastest way to make a major improvement in the aesthetics of any room. But unless you know what works and what doesn't, you could be guilty of a window fashion faux pas. This is particularly true for specialty window treatments, such as bay window curtains and other challenging scenarios.

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  • Tent-flap Panels. Perfect for rooms with a view; tent-flap panel window curtains offer enhanced insulation while encouraging natural light to enter; they also fit close to the window, improving perceived room space
  • Panels on Rods. A truly versatile window treatment that installs easily; a perfect choice for bay window curtains with challenging corners; the treatment features the simplicity of basic panels with the dressed-up option decorative rods
  • Pleated Panels. The dressier version of panels and rods; pleated panel window curtains combine creative sewing with the simplicity of panels in a single window treatment; add an angular valance pleated to mimic sophisticated jabots
  • Swags. When natural light is demanded, these formal window curtains get the nod; asymmetric swags drape across the top of each window and cascade down the outer edges; layer sheers beneath the swags for added depth
  • Cascading Panels. The most formal window curtains in the panel family; pools at the bottom to fill-out the look; tie backs and a large curtain rod complete the treatment; a perfect option for a formal dining room

Before selecting a window treatment, ask yourself some basic questions: formal or informal? Well-lit or insulated? Basic or complex? Your answers should guide your design.

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