Dressing Up Window Shades

January 06, 2010

Window shades can not only be energy savers in the home, but style setters as well. While typical window shades in the past didn't offer much in the way of style, new decorative options in shades are bringing them back in high style.

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Wood valances are perfect for hiding the unsightly hardware of window blinds and shades. They create a smoother, more elegant look. The valance needs to be large enough to not only hide hardware, but accommodate the shade when rolled up.

Colored Shades

Lighter colors in shades work best for energy efficiency. Pair a colored window shade with fabric side panels to soften the look of the shade while increasing energy efficiency. The shade serves as the perfect backdrop for complementary panels, particularly curtain panels with patterns to hold interest and play down the shade.

Roman Window Shades

Fabric Roman window shades offer beauty, functionality and insulation, the perfect combination of function and style in a window treatment. Using heavier fabrics will obviously enhance the energy efficiency of the shade.

Cellular Window Shades

Cellular shades tend to be a good combination of style and economy paired with energy efficiency. Pleat sizes can vary, as can the light filtering capability. Their light diffusing properties make the most of natural lighting while maintaining privacy.

Woven Window Shades

Woven shades can create a natural, casual style. They are an affordable option that is available in both natural and manmade materials. They are durable, attractive and affordable, but they are not the most energy efficient window covering when used alone.

Window shades are simple, affordable and energy efficient. Add attractive to the mix with window shades, and you have a functional style statement.

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