Bay Window Curtains Made Simple: A Do-it-yourself Guide

December 16, 2009

The bay window is similar to a common window on steroids. It juts proudly from your home, giving a three-dimensional view of the great outdoors with plenty of room underneath for cabinetry and other storage options. Here's how to decorate this visual amalgam with bay window curtains.

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Bay Window Curtains on Parade

HGTV highlights the ability of bay window curtains to make the most of this clever space. The ability of a bay window to maximize even the most space-challenged homes or apartments is amazing in itself. When you add smartly-designed bay window curtains, the effect can be nothing short of remarkable. Recent design trends feature white and off-white shades in flowing silken fabrics. Don't be afraid to add floral prints or standard shapes into the mix for variety.

Bay Window Rods Make the Difference

The DoItYourself (DIY) blog emphasizes the importance of the bay window rod when considering your curtain strategy. The rod holds the bay window curtains in place and come in a variety of materials, shapes and end pieces. Here are some common fixtures:

  • Straight Rods. As the name implies, straight rods come in threes and are placed in succession across each bay window span; beginner DIYers are encouraged to utilize this type
  • Bent Track. Bent track rods require a bit more effort to hang properly, but they're the most aesthetically pleasing of the different types; if you go with bent track rods, make sure you have the necessary tools to complete the project

Browse the window treatment section of your home and garden center to discover just how versatile bay window curtains can be. You'll find that they can turn your ordinary glass into interior design champagne.

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