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Window shades add a decorative and functional touch to any room. Not only do they block out unwanted light, increase a room's privacy, and reduce noise from outside, but the right shades can show off your distinctive style.

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If you've ever noticed the bleaching or yellowing of older window shades, you know how much outside light and indoor pollution they can absorb. Modern materials and design are dedicated to reducing these features and increasing light reduction and energy conservation. Take a look at different types of window shades and their specific benefits.

Window Shades: Variety is the Spice of Light

Today, window shades are available for every budget and personality--from shoe-string to beauty queen. Window shades and treatments can be customized to reflect your taste and the midday sun, reduce your energy bill and street noise. Take a look at some of the most popular examples on the market:

  • Cellular/Honeycomb: Named for the honeycomb shape you see, when you look at the fabric from the side.
  • Wooden: Woven, wood shades bring the outdoors inside. Sustainable bamboo is a hot material for its renewability.
  • Pleated: The cost-efficient alternative to cellular shades, pleated shades typically employ only one layer of fabric.
  • Roman: This shade is typically composed of a cloth panel that rises into elegant folds.
  • Blackout: If you need to sleep during the day, this dark, heavy shade eliminates most light from the room.
  • Roller: Tug at the base of these shades to bring the panel up or down. Roller shades come thick for insulation or thin for privacy.

During the day, window shades reduce the sun's glare and help reduce the amount of sun damage that occurs to objects in a room. In summer, they can also help cut cooling costs. At night, shades help darken the room, as they boost your privacy. In winter, they can keep heat in when it's cold. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and finishes to express your unique tastes.

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