Window Screens with Uplifting Options

January 03, 2010

Window screens are offering a whole new range of possibilities not only in installation, material and frames, but in making the window screen virtually disappear before your eyes! Check out the new offerings in window screens:

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Roll Up Window Screens

Looking to solve the dilemma of how to get the screen out of the way and out of sight when it's opened? The rollup window screen can save the day. It's framed in a flexible trim that allows it literally to roll up like a window shade when not in use. When put into place, it can be attached to the window frame using various methods, such as Velcro.

Retractable Window Screens

Retractable screens are your normal screens that are used in windows. These are the screens in low profile panels that slide up and down and use a mechanism that fits into different portions of the guide to hold them up. They remain extremely popular options in window screens, and they now offer better glide than the sticky tracks of the good, old days.

Adjustable Window Screens

Adjustable screens are pre-assembled panels with an adjustable width to fit to nearly any sized window. They're affordable options in window screens, but don't offer the best seal to keep out smaller pests such as no-see-ums, and the frames are not normally low profile.

Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens offer heat and ultra violet ray blockage that can cause sun fade to fabrics, rugs and furnishings. They're best used in warm and tropical climates.

Window screens offer a range of capabilities that can suit any need of homeowners. Choose a window screen that offers the best solution for your home.

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