Invisible Window Screens add Curb Appeal

January 04, 2010

Low profile window screens offer the perfect solution for the lazy homeowner. No longer is it necessary to remove window screens for the winter. Your honey-do list just got shorter!

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Low profile screens not only feature slim, unobtrusive frames, but a more unobtrusive mesh as well. With tighter weaves and smaller materials, these screens virtually fade into the woodwork, and in this case, that's a good thing!

Window screens are typically offered in either aluminum or fiberglass that measures .011 of an inch in diameter. In screens that offer increased visibility, the diameter of the material is reduced to .008 or less. The weave tends to be tighter to allow the opening in the mesh to remain the same size.

The result is a screen that not only offers a less obtrusive view, but more air flow and ventilation for the home. These window screens tend to preferable in marshy and coastal areas where smaller pests like no-see-ums tend to make open windows and ventilation nearly impossible without the right window screen.

For luxury living options, motorized screens offer temporary screening options and can disappear with the touch of a button. For large, expansive views, motorized window and door screens offer distinctive function and the ultimate in convenience and comfort. These retractable options disappear seamlessly into a self-contained housing that tucks them up and out of the way to maximize both curb appeal and visibility.

Screening options have come a long way in making low profile, low maintenance, and best yet, low effort options in window screens that are more affordable for homeowners.

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