Window Screens

Let the breeze in without inviting the stares of everyone in the neighborhood by installing window screens. They increase use and improve the energy efficiency of your windows, year-round. Window screens are designed to create a snug fit over windows, allowing you to let the breeze in--without the attendant insects, leaves, and yard debris.

Window Screens: Customize for Comfort, Climate, Cost

While you are probably familiar with window screens, you might not know how many types there are. Everything from the size of the window to the size of the mesh can be modified to fit your budget, climate, and aesthetics. Common materials and meshes include

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  • aluminum
  • bronze
  • solar
  • pet-resistant
  • tiny-insect
  • vinyl-coated fiberglass

Window screens can be installed for privacy and comfort. Sun-blocking window screens help cool off the house in hot, dry climates, while privacy screens are meant to keep curious eyes out.

Price points range from $17 to $50 per window for pre-framed screens. Rolls of window screen start at about $6 for the cheapest vinyl, insect-blocking mesh to $200 for high-end fiberglass. How many rolls of screen you will need depends on the square footage of the windows where you want to install new screens.

Another important consideration often gets voiced with the change of seasons: Should you keep window screens up year-round? The answer is "It depends." In hot dry climates that get a great sun deal of sun, such as the Southwest, there is rarely any reason to take down screens other than for cleaning or added visibility. In regions with cold, wet or snowy winters, you may want store the screens for winter and replace them with insulating storm windows.

Frames and Shutters for Window Screens

Frames for window screens can be custom-designed to your heart's content--from colonial-era wooden to modern metallic. A carpenter or contractor who specializes in doors and windows is your best bet, if you have a little extra money to spend. From transoms to bay windows, custom-designed window screens and frames add an aesthetic touch that turns your home into your castle. Explore your options today.

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