Organic Options in Window Blinds and Window Curtains

December 14, 2009

Organic window blinds and curtains offer the best of two worlds. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they maximize eco-friendliness. Think carbon footprint reduction and energy conservation. If your interior window designs aren't organic, here's why they should be.

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Organic Window Blinds: Cellular Tops the List

Window blinds top the list of treatments for homeowners who appreciate maximum privacy. The Window Treatments Blog highlights the latest organic window blinds options available for your interiors. Solid blinds offer unmatched durability and natural light control, two features you'll want in a quality window treatment. They include:

  • Green Cellular Shades. Fabric, aluminum head rail, and plastic components are all recyclable
  • Eco-friendly Faux Wood Blinds. Made from a blend of recycled hardwood and thermal polymers
  • Chemical-free Roller Shades. No harmful ingredients, such as PVC, CFC, and formaldehyde

Organic Window Curtains: Hemp Leads a Trend

If fabric is your thing, you'll appreciate the latest generation of organic window curtains. Made from sustainable materials, these curtain options boast form and function, the intersection of quality interior design. The Green Your Décor blog reveals recent trends in window curtains that meet several organic standards. They include:

  • Cotton Grommet-top Curtains.Perhaps the lowest-priced eco-friendly window treatment
  • Cotton Tab-top Curtains. Constructed of hemp, organic cotton, and linen
  • Rod-Pocket Curtain Panels. Made of recycled materials that are modern and stylish

Keep in mind that going organic doesn't have to mean sacrificing style options. Manufacturers are beginning to recognize the push for environmental friendliness, offering their traditionally popular window blinds and window curtains in organic models. Many local home and garden centers carry a beautiful, bountiful selection worth checking out.

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