What are My Options for Window Blinds?

March 19, 2010

Window blinds certainly aren't your only option for home window treatments. Shades and curtains are just as popular and perhaps less expensive. But only blinds offer enhanced natural light control and an increase in window glass ratings along with the obvious improvement to the aesthetics of your home.

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Window Blinds 411: Features and Considerations

If you're planning to redo all of the windows in your home, the investment you make should be in treatments that will offer a return on the sticker price. That means passing on the flash and dash--the next "newfangled" product--and taking a more sensible approach to design. More directly, look for window treatments that will lower your energy bill by improving the window glass ratings in your home. The money you save each month will indirectly lower the initial costs of purchasing window blinds.

Home Decorating Review discusses several considerations to keep in mind when weighing your options:

  • A Wide Selection. Window blinds come in a wide range of variations; choose from mini, vertical, roman, Venetian and horizontal
  • The Leading Brands. Reputable window blinds makers include Hunter Douglas, Bali, Comfortex, Kirsch, Levolor, Crystal Pleat, Duette and Graber

Window Blinds Options: Faux Wood versus the Rest

One of the first decisions you'll have to make is the material for your new window blinds. Associated Content writer Meg offers her opinion on why she chose faux wood over vinyl and aluminum. Meg explains that all materials offer improved window glass ratings. However, faux wood includes an insulating property that the others just don't have. The result for her was a warmer or cooler home, depending on the season, and the cheapest energy costs she has ever enjoyed.

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