Window Blinds Materials: An Overview

December 30, 2009

Window blinds have long been a staple of functional window treatments. Blinds offer the best of both worlds, privacy and natural lighting. But window blinds are offered in a host of materials that make choosing the best option quite a task if you don't have the information. So here's the 411 on window blind materials:

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Wood Window Blinds

Wood blinds certainly aren't the budget option of window blinds, but the look and the warmth they offer can be well worth the expense. They also slip more seamlessly into traditional décor and the elegance they bring to the table, or in this case the window, may be worth the additional expense in upscale interiors. But the good news is that wood blinds offer more in the way of added value to the home and energy efficiency.

Faux Wood Window Blinds

Faux wood blinds offer a budget alternative to the real deal. They're made to offer easier maintenance and less upkeep. Quality faux wood blinds don't always offer a substantial savings over their real-deal counterparts, and they're not going to offer the added value in the home.

Fabric Window Blinds

While vertical blinds offer the perfect solution for sliding glass doors and larger expanses of coverage, they aren't always the most attractive window treatment. Fabric blinds can save the day in décor for larger window blinds. For vertical blinds that are needed to block light, such as in a media room or bedroom, fabric blinds have an optional backing to offer more light filtering capabilities.

Choosing the most appropriate material for your window blind will not only add function, but style, value and energy savings to the room.

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