A Touch of Flair: Window Blinds and Curtains

December 08, 2009

You might not think that window blinds could add significantly to a home's interior design. A house without window blinds or curtains adorning its windows looks bleak and empty. It's almost as bad as not having furniture. In addition to adding a little privacy, window coverings can greatly improve the look of your home and actually save you money.

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Energy Efficient Windows: Blinds, Curtains, and Your Home

Window technology has advanced far enough to offer us some of the most energy efficient windows imaginable. Adding window coverings, like blinds or curtains, can increase this efficiency several times over when the shades are drawn.

  • Don't Let the Light In: Many new windows let in sunlight without all of its heating effects, but there's a trade off: you'd like to be able to see out the window, right? Most of the time, the answer is a resounding yes, but when the heat waves hit, no one wants to stand in the sun--especially indoors. Blinds and curtains take care of that blasting sun, which means that your fan, air conditioner, or swamp cooler doesn't have to work as hard
  • A Cool Spot: The best windows insulate extremely well, but they still conduct more heat than, say, the surrounding wall. The hot--or cold--air right next to your new window isn't sneaking in from outside (hopefully). The window is conducting the temperature difference. Curtains or blinds, when closed, help keep this unwelcome burden to climate control right where it belongs: next to the window

Window Flash, Flair, and Function

Whether you want long, flowing curtains that will billow in the breeze, or starkly modern blinds to give your home that cutting-edge feel, you can find energy efficient options. Insulated curtains and blinds are readily available, and though they may cost more up front, saving money on your power bill wins over time. Window blinds and curtains can be a great investment with a great return, and they can accent your interior design wonderfully.



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