Putting the Blind in Window Blinds

December 29, 2009

Window blinds are the preferred window treatment to offer light and privacy in one fell swoop. Window blinds can be opened during the day and closed at night in a snap, and even better yet, they're easy on the budget. But budget blinds can look like a budget solution if left to their own devices. Try these pairings to spruce up your space if you're looking to add style when using budget window blinds:

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Venetian Blinds and Curtain Panels.

If you don't want the window blinds to become the focal point of the room, tone down the look with neutral wood or faux wood Venetian blinds for privacy and pair complementary solid panels on either side for a more subtle and neutral look. You can use the narrowest width to save money on the panels, as they're only for show, the blinds are doing the real work. But those panels can help increase energy efficiency on side air infiltration on the blinds.

Blinds and Curtain Valances

One of the most unattractive issues with roller blinds is their bulky hardware. Hide the hardware. Use a valance, preferably in a bold pattern or bright color to draw the attention from the blind. You don't need to use a decorative rod if you're on a tight budget. A homeowner's favorite is the spring loaded rod that can fit right inside the casement - no hardware to drop and lose, no holes in the walls and no power tools! Who's going to know? The valance covers the rod completely.

Sheers and Mini Blinds

Pair a sheer panel with micro-blinds - the blinds will give you the privacy, the sheers will soften the blinds. Use a decorative rod for the sheer, and use a tieback to distract the eye from the blinds. Use sheers only with the more delicate looking micro-blinds, the heavier blinds will need a heavier look. Try creative solutions if you're looking for a softer, more traditional look than typical window blinds offer.

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