Choosing Window Blinds for your Home

December 31, 2009

Choosing window blinds isn't an overall purchasing decision for the whole home. Window blinds should be chosen for their function and looks within each room.

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Window blinds are effective in controlling the amount of light that enters each room along with offering privacy. Obviously the function of each room is going to determine the amount of light and the amount of privacy needed in each room.

Generally, privacy is the first consideration, while the lighting control is the second. Once you bring these two functions in line with a decision, then you hit the style side of the equation in window blinds. It just makes it a much more manageable decision to pare down the possibilities before approaching the unlimited style issue.

Mini blinds tend to offer the most privacy and lighting control for bedrooms. The smaller slats mean smaller opening and more privacy. The smaller slates are also more appropriate for the smaller space of a bedroom.

Vertical slat blinds are the best choice for large, expansive areas, such as a sliding glass door. Choosing an upgrade such as a valance to hide unsightly hardware is a good investment if the door is in a highly visible part of the home.

PVC blinds are a popular alternative to their aluminum blind counterparts. PVC is a moisture resistant, durable alternative that won't dent or crease as aluminum does. It also tends to offer more in the way of energy efficiency. PVC blinds are a functional choice that offer durable, not to mention quieter, choices in window treatments.

While style is important in choosing blinds, consider the function of each room, as it's certainly not a one-size fits all decision.

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