Window Accessories

From practical to aesthetic, window accessories such as blinds, screens, shades and drapes, and shutters function to keep environmental elements out, maintain your privacy, and add a touch of beauty or class. Window accessories can be simple and inexpensive or custom and expensive. You can select, buy, and install them yourself or hire professionals to do all of the measuring, ordering, and installing. As you can see, you have almost unlimited options for window accessories.

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Window Blinds

Whether wood, faux wood, bamboo, aluminum; horizontal, vertical, or track blinds; or for standard, arched windows, or skylights, window blinds are available in a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and styles. Generally, installed on the inside of your windows, blinds and shades keep out glaring sun, maintain privacy, and blend, contrast, or complement your decorating scheme. You can even find windows with blinds between two glass panes.

Window Screens

Installed both on the inside and outside of windows, screens can be as simple as those that keep out insects and bugs to solar screens that block out 90 percent of the sun's UV rays and protect furniture from heat and fading. Decorative window screens include panels made from durable vinyl mesh that block UV rays and minimize glare while blending with your decor. Screens with heavy duty wire mesh, Kevlar®, or polypropylene can also provide security, protection from window breakage or, in some areas of the country, protection from Mother Nature.

Window Shades and Drapes

Shades and drape options are limited only by your imagination. For shades, you can find cellular or honey comb, Roman, woven, roller, sheer, or pleated and even exterior sun shades. Drapes are available in every material, color, and fabric to complement any decor or architectural style.

Window Shutters

Interior window shutters are available in traditional and plantation styles in wood, composite, and faux wood as well as PVC vinyl. Installed on the inside of your home, these shutters are generally for decoration, although they provide privacy, protect your home's interior from the sun, and add beauty. Exterior shutters, made of vinyl, wood, composite wood, and composite fiberglass, can be both decorative and/or used for security and in some areas of the country, protection from the elements (these are generally made from aluminum or steel).

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