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Windows are easy to ignore, until you just can't ignore them anymore. Maybe you need to replace a broken window, your ancient windows have outworn their welcome, or you've decided that your home simply needs a facelift.

You'll find many new windows on the market that can do the trick. The decisions that you'll be faced with as you explore the options may seem overwhelming. Casement windows or sliders? Double-paned or triple? Wood frame or vinyl? Low-E or standard panes?

The biggest decision you'll make as you search for the perfect windows--and the decision that will impact every other decision down the line--is your budget. Who wouldn't love to replace every window in the house with top of the line products? Hopefully you have the resources to choose dream windows for your dream house. If you're like most homeowners, however, you'll have to prioritizes wants vs. needs, and then make a few compromises along the way.

Whatever your budget, you'll almost certainly find that installing new windows will not only look beautiful, but increase your home's energy efficiency and reduce monthly heating or cooling bills. Make sure you ask about possible rebates or tax credits for windows with superior energy efficiency for even more savings.

Get all the help you need to find the windows you want. Our guide to windows section offers insightful articles, product listings, how-to tips and a window product gallery. Whether you are looking for brand new windows or repairing your current ones, our windows section provides the help you need.

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