Windows Glossary

  • Windows with an aluminum frame.

  • Windows made from groups of blocks of glass in various thicknesses, transparencies, designs and patterns..

  • Windows with one material for the frame and interior, usually wood, and clad with another material such as aluminum or vinyl, which is attached to the exterior.

  • Ideas for any variety of window designs available; these include how they can be used in your home or business..

  • Windows which have two facing glass planes set within a frame; the panes have a small space between them. The space may contain air or a nontoxic gas..

  • Windows made from either two or three panes of glass separated by a small space to provide extra insulation.

  • Windows with pane dividers and frames made from a type of plastic material.

  • Windows in which a single pane of glass is set within a frame.

  • Windows designed to create a sound barrier and significantly decrease noise levels..

  • Windows in which the glass is set within a frame made from steel.

  • Windows which provide insulation; these usually have double panes and may have weather stripping.

  • Windows in which the glass is set within a frame made from vinyl.

  • Windows in which the glass is set within a frame made from wood.

  • A mesh cover which allows air to flow through; it is usually made from fiberglass or aluminum and is stretched over the screen frame..

  • An opaque fabric attached to a window frame designed to cover a window in order to create privacy or keep light out; usually these roll up to uncover the window.

  • A solid covering for a window, usually hinged to either side and opening in the center swinging outward away from the window.

  • A window covering comprised of slats of material such as word, metal, plastic or fabric. The slats can be rotated opened or closed, overlapping each other..

  • Windows with several layers which are attached to the outside frame of the interior windows in order to against weather..

  • Custom designed windows made specifically for a building.

  • Rectangular windows which typically have greater width than length; the bottom sash opens from a hinge by swinging or tilting outward.

  • A three-dimensional window which has three windows; the center window is larger than the side windows which are at an angle to it, causing it to protrude out from the house.

  • A group of at least 4 windows which create a bow.

  • Windows which have a hinge on one side and open up like a door.

  • Windows which are shaped like a half circle; the top is rounded, and the bottom is flat..

  • Windows which have two sashes which slide up and down.

  • Three-sided windows which protrude from the house providing a three dimensional view; these windows allow additional light to come in and are often used for plants.

  • Windows which open inward from bottom hinges.

  • A double hung window which has a fixed top sash; only the bottom sash is movable.

  • Windows which slide open and shut along a track.

  • Windows specifically designed to reduce energy costs by keeping warmth in and cold air out.

  • Material which is added to a window which keeps air from leaking in or out.

  • The process of fitting a window with glass; also can refer to the glass in the window.

  • Moisture which forms on a window.

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