Wood Doors and Windows: Enhancing your Home with Traditional Style

March 29, 2011

Although vinyl and other synthetic window frames are increasingly popular for their easy maintenance and lower cost, there is nothing but wood for homes of traditional or craftsman styling. Purchasing and installing new wood doors and windows together can help with ensuring continuity in your home's interior and exterior. Wood windows and doors made by the same manufacturer may carry similar warranties, and it's worthwhile to negotiate pricing on a package deal for new windows and doors. When considering the beauty of wood doors and windows, here are a few more things to bear in mind.

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  • Wood is versatile: Most architectural styles can accommodate wood windows and doors, and wood can be finished to achieve a variety of effects. Whether you own a Mediterranean mansion or a Craftsman bungalow, wood windows can meet your decorative and functional expectations.
  • Easier maintenance: New wood windows and doors are more resistant to damage by pests and the elements; you can use "industrial strength" wood finishing products that enhance the beauty of wood while protecting your doors and windows against the elements. Varnishes, stains and paint can draw out the appearance of natural wood grain, or showcase the color scheme of your home.
  • Enhance wood windows and doors: Choosing hardware for windows and doors can provide additional visual interest, while installing a wood door or doors at your home's entry can be updated with features including textured or colored glass windows within, adjacent to, or above your entry doors.

Shopping online provides access to a great variety of window and door styles and installation packages. Visiting window dealers is good for making side-by side comparisons and discussing your needs with window sales pros.




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