The Advantages of Using Wooden Doors

January 14, 2010

If you are starting a new building project (on your own or as a professional contractor) then you may have considered the option of wooden doors. It may be hard to trust wood, especially if you have options in iron, steel or aluminum that could suffice—maybe even for a lower price. What are the advantages of using solid wood doors, especially compared to the alternatives? Consider nine primary advantages that wood has over steel, plastic, aluminum and iron.

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  • Wood is easier to shape and cut than steel.
  • Wood is still very strong and durable, and can sustain inclement weather.
  • Wood survives unscathed in hot and cold weather alike without changing significantly in temperature.
  • Wood is a much better insulator than steel or aluminum, up to 400 times better than steel
  • Wood can resist sun rays or snow days and not become noticeably affected.
  • Wood has some aesthetic benefits over steel.
  • Wood helps with energy efficiency because of its insulation abilities, which in turn, helps the environment.
  • Wood is a renewable source, unlike steel, aluminum or cement.
  • Wood is sound absorbent material and can block off sounds coming from the outside.

Indeed, wooden doors present a variety of benefits of over less costly materials. While one could argue that wood isn’t as strong as steel overall, considering the additional benefits of insulation that wood brings and considering that wood’s durability is still comparable to that of steel, then it’s easy to see the advantages of solid wood doors. Wood may be your best bet, if you’re looking for something both cost-effective and functional for everyday use.

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