A Cobalt Blue Panel Door That Says "Celebrate"

A Cobalt Blue Panel Door That Says

Be proud of your home's heritage. Why should row homes, townhouses, or terraced house look bland? Townhomes were originally built for Europe's wealthier citizens who spent much of their time in a country home. When it was time to host large social gatherings, they invited you to their townhome. In the United States and Canada, townhomes often have few details to distinguish them from common-wall neighbors, except for the colors of their doors. The six-panel door is a favorite among homeowners adding or replacing existing doors. The offer muscle and durability against extreme temperatures and everyday wear.

Today you don't necessarily have to settle for a latchkey and bolt arrangement. Many replacement doors offer period hardware with contemporary workmanship. Touch-key systems are becoming popular for townhomes and row-houses where security is a great concern. Depending on your frame, you can mount hinge systems to open from the side of your choice.

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