Oak Doors Offer Traditional Style

December 11, 2009

the oak tree traditionally symbolizes strength and longevity; and an oak front door suggests a home's fortitude as it offers security and protection for those within. You can find oak doors in styles and configurations suitable for the smallest cottage to the largest mansion. Oak is durable and its color and grain contribute to your home's beauty inside and out.

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Front Doors: Selecting an Oak Door

Oak doors are available in styles complementing and accentuating any architectural style. You can choose from solid wood doors with raised panels, or cross beams. These designs are typically popular for traditional styles, but may also be used for Mediterranean or arts and crafts style homes. Oak doors with glass insets and side window panels are popular. Glass windows in your front door illuminates your home's entry hall and provide visual interest. Stained and textured glass allows light in while protecting privacy.

Oak Doors: Structural Features

Your front door will perform well with attention to details:

  • Install sturdy stiles fr securing hinges and enhancing their ability to bear weight
  • Choose a door with interior panels that allow exterior panels to expand and contract
  • High quality weatherstripping will help conserve energy by preventing drafts.

Oak doors can last for years if installed and maintained correctly; outfitted with complementary hardware and great outdoor lighting, your oak front door may become your home's welcoming "trademark."

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