Oak Doors offer Security and Traditional Beauty

February 19, 2010

A wooden front door can evoke memories or inspire a new look for your home; oak doors are particularly popular due to their combined strength and beauty. Available in styles to complement any architecture and interior decor, your new oak front door provides guests an inviting transition from outdoors to indoors.

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Front Doors: A Visitor's First Impression

Your front entry offers visitors a first impression of your home. Is it inviting and comfortable, or does it bring to mind a haunted house on Halloween? Kidding aside, your choice of front doors can add to your home's appearance and value. Traditionally styled oak front doors are often enhanced with glass insets and/or side and overhead panels. Whether you prefer simple contemporary designs or ornate Victorian leaded glass, you can use window glass for enhancing your oak front door. Selecting quality hardware for oak front doors adds to the door's appearance and your home security. Weathered brass, steal or iron fittings can add authenticity and visual interest to your entry decor.

Front Doors Withstand Years of Wear

Oak front doors can last for generations if properly finished and maintained. Waterproof sealant is important for preventing problems caused by water exposure; Inspect your oak front door periodically for signs of wear and damage. Keeping oak doors finished inside and out can help prevent damage while highlighting the beauty of oak wood grain.

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