Use Oak Doors for Better Exterior Entrances

January 07, 2010

An oak doors is a wooden door that is made entirely or partially out of real oak. This is a very popular type of wood, as oak is traditionally known to be very durable wood, long-lasting and beautiful to look at.

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Oak is also considered an abundant resource, and a natural one at that. There is an abundance of oak trees, and using natural materials as opposed to chemically created materials, satisfies some. This sustainable material is often used in the making of exterior doors, not to mention hardwood floors and furniture. (Which also makes oak complementary for other wooden pieces in the house)

Oak is liked because of its elegant grain structure. Oak branches grow thickly; by nature, this produces fewer knots compared to other types of woods, like pie. Oak is a light colored wood, though it can be stained or painted to match any other type. Best of all, it has a high density that makes it ideal for security.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Doors

When shopping for an oak door, check to see if the door is made of real oak or if it is considered surface material. Some homeowners may even want to create custom doors made of oak, but with a core of insulation, or perhaps a frame of steel. Custom doors can be made from any wood, including oak, juniper, cherry or pine.

Like all wooden doors, oak is an excellent choice for insulation and can protect you from extreme hot or cold temperatures outside. On the negative side, wooden doors to require extra maintenance, and can be pricey. Nevertheless, oak doors are among the most popular selection among many new homeowners.

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