Oak Doors Add Warmth and Style

July 01, 2010

Oak is a popular choice for furniture, flooring, and doors. Oak doors at your home's front entry adds an architectural focal point, and the warmth associated with oak provides a welcoming area for visitors.

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Selecting Oak Doors: Things to Consider

Proper finishing and protection of oak surfaces helps with keeping your oak doors in good condition. Oak can be damaged by climate conditions including excessive exposure to moisture and sun; such exposure can damage finish and wood. Oak in poor condition can encourage infestations of termites and damage caused by dry rot.

  • Oak doors are available in standard and custom sizes and styles: Home improvement stores and window and door shops offer oak doors in many sizes and styles, whether you're replacing one door, or building a new home, you can find oak doors that suit your needs.
  • Cost: Wood is typically more expensive, particularly if you're choosing solid oak doors. It's possible to find doors with oak surfaces covering other materials. Security minded homeowners may prefer steel doors with oak surfaces.
  • Custom oak doors: Maintaining architectural integrity is important for restoring old homes; although finding antique doors can be costly and time consuming, it's possible to have authentic replications made. Enhancing modern oak doors with antique hardware and fittings can provide the look you want without emptying your bank account. Consider enhancing your oak doors with oak framing, glass, and finishes that show off wood grain.
  • DIY finishing: If you're handy with a paint brush, finishing oak doors yourself may save money. Explore finishing options for achieving the look you want. Don't cut corners on finishing; it preserves and protects your oak doors.

Whatever your decor preferences and budget, you can find oak doors that compliment your home.

Source: Front Entry Doors

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