What Are the Advantages of Metal Doors?

December 19, 2009

Metal doors do offer many advantages over wooden or fiberglass doors. You may think of metal as ideal for a commercial door, but somehow not right for you as a homeowner. However, there are advantages to using metal material for house doors. Consider a few advantages.

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Metal is Popular: It is the most popular material in construction. Forty-two percent of builders prefer metal to other types of materials.

Metal is Less Expensive: Metal can be pricey but compared to wooden doors, it is actually less expensive—about a third of the price of what you can expect to pay for fine wood!

Metal Offers More Insulation: While wood is a good natural insulator, metal doors made with insulating foam can be equal or better in performance.

Metal is Fire Resistant: Thick metal can keep smoke and fire at pay as long as 90 minutes. This is much better than wood performance, even if the wood has been fireproofed.

Metal is Energy-Efficient: Why do you think metal is continuously chosen as a commercial door? Because it is better for keeping the cold or the heat inside your home.

Metal is Prime and Ready to Go: Unlike some wooden pieces, metal is already primed and ready to be painted since it was primed in the metal making process.

Metal is Hard to Break Into: Thick gauge metal can be nearly impossible to break into, making it ideal for security purposes.

Are there any disadvantages to using metal house doors? These doors can be easily scratched and dented, and they are cold to the touch. However, the benefits may outweigh the limitations in your case if security and efficient use of energy are your top priorities.

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