Glass Doors: Enhancing Your Home's Interior and Exterior

March 31, 2011

Glass doors, including French doors and patio doors, are popular choices for exterior doors, but have you considered using glass doors in your home's interior? Glass doors provide additional light and promote the flow of interior light throughout your home. Banish dark hallways by using glass doors indoors.

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Glass Doors: Light, Privacy, Decorative Interest

The glass used in glass doors is tempered for strength and is manufactured in many textures for achieving varying levels of light flow and privacy. Textured glass provides privacy, and you can select a texture that complements or reflects your interior decor. Light flows through textured glass, but diffuses images, thus providing privacy.

Glass doors can also be ordered with window blinds installed between layers of clear glass. This eliminates the annoyance of flapping blinds every time you open or close the door. This option provides flexibility; you can close the blinds when privacy is desired, or open them when light is more important than privacy.

Exterior Glass Doors Contribute to Home Energy Efficiency

Dual glass panes can help with insulation and energy efficiency; for exterior doors, make sure appropriate weather stripping is installed for maximizing energy conservation and preventing drafts. Shop for glass doors online and visit window dealers for viewing and comparing products side by side. Pay attention to glass ratings labels for finding energy efficient glass doors. Glass doors are a versatile and durable choice for enhancing your home indoors and out.



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