French Doors Bring the Beauty of France into Your Living Room

December 30, 2009

What are French doors? French doors are doors that have been designed according to traditional France-inspired architecture. These doors have multiple small windows that are set into the length of the door slab. These small windows may be called lights or door lites.

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Obviously, internal French doors are for decorative purposes, whether they are used for bedrooms, showrooms, kitchens or bathrooms. They are also ideal for bringing more natural light into a home because of the number of windows.

Internal French doors designed in the old fashioned way, are actually made from multiple pieces of glass. These old style interior French doors also have mullions and other decorative pieces. These pieces are used to divide the window panes, which help insulation.

Although a variety of French Doors are available now, most of these doors are made from hardwood. Little surprise there, as hardwood is the most expensive and aesthetic choice for creating a new door system.

How You Can Use French Doors

  • Interior French doors will work as patio doors
  • They will help to draw attention to a focal point like a lawn or garden
  • They can help to bring a cheerful ambiance to two separate areas
  • They can act as a substitute for an interior wall
  • They usually increase the value of a home
  • They impress home buyers immediately

Are there any disadvantages to using French doors? Only that they are susceptible to damage, so in regions where there are many severe storms or hurricanes, an exterior French door would not be a wise idea. This is why many people install hurricane shutters in order to protect them. These devices can protect these delicate pieces from flying objects.

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