Big trend: big doors bring the outside in

July 01, 2015

One of the major trends in home building today is using big doors to bring architectural interest to a house. And whatever you're picturing when I say, "big doors," double it. We're talking about doors that are eight feet high and 25 feet wide. At that size, they open the entire side of your house to the outside

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Big sliding doors are most often seen in tropical climates. Homes there are built to take advantage of the weather by opening large expanses to the outside. But tropical climates also have hurricanes. This means the doors have to be impact tested and be able to withstand high winds and torrential rains. Many of these doors are designed for just such an application.

There are a few styles to choose from if you're considering these massive doors. The conventional sliding door works well, but if you're looking to truly bring the outside in, than an accordion door that folds into itself is what you should look for. A multi-panel door that stores inside the wall would be great for this, too.

Looking to mix things up a little bit? Kolbe and Kolbe features a corner door that expands in both directions; the result is an open corner of the home instead of an open side. For the truly modern, take a look at Panda Doors. The company offers a wide selection of styles including folding, lift and slide, a European design that incorporates a flat track on the bottom to allow for a seamless transition from inside to out. Also check out their multi-slide series, which includes a wide track and multiple door panels that all slide together. If you love the look of sliding doors, Wieland Doors offers ones up to 16 feet tall. They have many configurations, including curved doors. As a bonus, they will paint colors to match any clad window by any manufacturer.

Because of the weight, the water shedding ability, and the cost, the door has to be perfectly set to be used regularly. Most manufacturers offer at the least detailed installation training, or install the door themselves. Make sure your installer has been properly trained.

These magnificent doors, however, are not for a budget minded home owner. It is not unusual to see smaller models start at $30,000 with larger models coming in around $70,000.

But if you have the budget and are looking for a unique way to showcase your home's view, yard, or even just the nice weather, big doors are the way to go.

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