3 types of door replacements affordably rejuvenate home

January 17, 2012

Your house has a country look but you prefer Craftsman. Or your house is traditional but you prefer contemporary. Or your home simply looks a bit worn out. Replacing doors in the house can go a long way towards enhancing your home's beauty and increasing your enjoyment.

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A new, aesthetically-pleasing front entry door is a good start. Carry your vision throughout the house, at least on room entry doors and hall doors. You can delay upstairs doors until your budget permits. And if you're thinking of selling your home in the next few years, it may appear newer. You think potential buyers (not to mention guests) don't fail to notice doors that stick, sag, squeak, and have dilapidated knobs? Admit it--they even irritate you.

Replacement doors you can be proud of

  1. Exterior doors: There are stunning entry doors available today, whatever your taste. Many will have glass inserts or shapes that reflect an architectural period. Choose a gorgeous wood slab door with decorative metal inserts for a contemporary look. Pick the Craftsman look with handsome Frank Lloyd Wright-type decorative glass windows. How about a country look with recessed narrow plank panels, an arched top and barn-style iron hinges? A handsome new garage door improves curb appeal, and a new patio door can add style, improve energy efficiency, or both. And while you're drooling over the beauty of your options, improve performance with wind-, impact-, intruder- and thermal-resistant models. Ask your insurance and utility companies about possible discounts or rebates.
  2. Interior doors: Rather than creating a patchwork, choose one style throughout the house. Also think about problems that need solving, like using obscure-glass door windows to let natural light into halls, choosing solid doors that muffle sounds, or adding a transom above the door to improve ventilation. Match your door finish choice to existing base boards, or redo the base boards with today's taller styles.
  3. Cabinet doors: You've chosen your architectural flavor for the interior and exterior doors. Now, consider refacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors and drawer fronts in the same style. New cabinet doors are readily available. If your cabinet cases are sound, they can be veneered or laminated to match the doors, or the doors can be stained or painted to match the cases. Find replacement doors under "cabinet refacing" or inquire at your home improvement center.

Door replacement is a home update that allows maximizing your budget by hanging the interior doors yourself. Recoup some of your investment by selling the old doors.

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