Remodeling? Replace doors & windows together

April 06, 2011

When planning home remodeling or renovation, consider installing windows and exterior doors together. This helps provide consistency in your home's appearance, and may offer additional benefits:

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  • Minimizing household disruption: Installing windows & doors together can help with consolidating the disruption of your household; Installing windows and exterior doors is a noisy process that compromises home security and requires providing windows contractors access to your home. Discuss installation options with windows replacement contractors, or your general contractor.
  • Doors & windows manufacturer warranties: Most windows manufacturers require installation by factory trained and/or authorized contractors. If you buy doors and windows made by the same manufacturer, you can avoid mix ups with contractors who may be authorized to install your doors, but not your windows. Verify with all contractors that they can perform windows & doors installations as required by the product warranties.
  • Consistent appearance: Selecting and installing doors & windows together can enhance your home's appearance by providing consistency in style, materials, and overall appearance.
  • Potential savings: You may receive a break on installation costs if your contractors can install windows and exterior doors at the same time. When planning your project, discuss this option with prospective contractors.

If replacing windows and doors together doesn't work for you, purchasing doors and windows from the same manufacturer can help ensure consistent styling and product performance. Visit door & window dealers to for comparing products and finding options that work for your budget and your decorative and architectural preferences.



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