Valuable Wood Interior Doors

December 30, 2009

Using solid wood interior doors adds value to your home. Plain and simple, for what it's worth - wood sets the standard for other materials used in doors. When it comes to choosing where to invest money in home improvements it makes sense to choose the style standard.

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While many bemoan the use of wood interior doors - claiming they crack and warp and require upkeep, we say new, more durable finishes take the warp out of interior wood doors and make it an obsolete issue. In fact, this was never really much of an issue at all with more modern interior wood doors, except in the most humid locations.

One way to avoid temperature and moisture issues with an interior wood door is to choose the appropriate wood for your climate and location. For hot, humid locations such as the Caribbean or Florida, use wood doors that have species that are local to the area, or indigenous, as they say, to similar climates. That means the wood is suited for that particular weather and environment. In this instance, in hot and humid locations, mahogany and teak are both tropical hardwoods that can withstand heat and humidity.

While the species of wood impacts the wear and tear of the wood interior door, the finish and detail impact the style. Lighter wood tones can take on more casual style, while darker tones tend to be considered a more formal look. Ornate carvings and embellishments will also bring more of a formality to wood doors. For more casual décor, a primitive or rustic wood door may be in order to slip seamlessly into the décor.

If you're looking for an upgrade to your home, consider the doors that set the standard, and those are wood interior doors.

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