Space Saving Sliding Doors Provide Maximum Functionality

December 27, 2009

Sliding interior doors are taking interior design to a new level with their space saving capabilities and high style, modern, sleek looks. In fact, sliding interior doors are becoming the door of choice in loft style apartments and smaller hip urban spaces.

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Sliding doors can free from 15 to 20 feet of floor space by not requiring swing clearance. This is important when space is at a premium, as is often the case in townhomes, apartments and condominiums. The sliding interior doors that are offered tend to have a more contemporary and sleek look, and that's another reason for their current popularity.

Sliding interior doors don't necessary mean pocket doors, which are doors that slip back into an opening in the wall. Sliding doors can also be used on a separate, self contained track that allows them to be installed with minimal space and renovation requirements. The sliding door, when fully opened, butts against the wall to maximize floor space while providing the most access to the opening.

In fact, sliding interior doors are the door of choice for larger openings in lofts and loft style apartments, as hinged doors could have major weight and clearance issues. Another popular point of sliding glass interior doors, they can help transform living areas and separate the areas to smaller, more functional spaces when used, or can maximize the flow of the area when opened.

Sliding interior doors can be just the upgrade and update you need to make the most of space and style in urban living. In fact, look for the sliding interior door to hit the suburbs in high style as well.

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