Sliding into Style with Interior Doors

December 28, 2009

When is a sliding interior door not really a sliding door? When it's a sliding wall instead! We've seen the standard sliding glass door help shape the trend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. But the sliding glass door system that makes an entire wall? Now that's function and style at its best!

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The sliding door systems are put to their best use to maximize views and natural lighting, while allowing a method of closing off a large area to the elements. They are particularly popular with three-season rooms or sun rooms that offer the indoor/outdoor transitional living space.

These sliding door systems are normally custom solutions to fit each room's individual need. They are normally glass systems that maximize light, space and views. These sliding systems offer options for open air living and even weather tight comfort in distinctive homes. The glass door system opens to transform the area to unobstructed open space that tests the boundaries of style and expands living spaces.

While these custom glass sliding door systems aren't going to be cheap, they're going to add some serious value, not to mention views, to the home. In fact, the best bet is to consider adding the sliding door system during the construction of a new home, in order to avoid having to retrofit the area to handle the task.

The sliding interior door system operates on a track that allows the panels of doors to open by either folding into themselves in an accordion style, or sliding over each other and tuck to the side as a patio glass door would.

If you're looking for a distinctive, luxury door option, consider a glass sliding door system for the look of luxury and oh-so viewable vistas.

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