What Are Sliding French Doors?

January 02, 2010

Sliding French doors are sliding doors that have been designed in a unique and distinctive French door style. First consider the mechanism of sliding doors. This type of sliding glass door opens horizontally as opposed to the common swing. The door is mounted on a track (or possibly suspended by a track). There are actually quite a few categories of sliding doors, including pocket doors, arcadia doors and bypass doors. Nevertheless, all of these styles share similar characteristics.

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Mechanism of Sliding French Doors

The mechanism that controls these sliding closet doors is called a sliding door gear. Depending on the manufacturer, this may be a top hung or bottom rolling system. The first of these is a system hung by two trolley hangers at the top of the door space area. (The track is concealed) The fact that the weight is supported by the hanger makes it easy to move the door slab.

The bottom rolling door gear mechanism has two rollers at the bottom of the door frame area, running on a track and two guides at the top. All the weight of the door rests not on a hangar but on the two bottom wheels. Of these two system, the bottom one is the more difficult to push.

Sliding French doors refers to sliding doors that have a French style—that is, a door with multiple windows or lights all through the slab of the door. Traditional French doors are made from small glass sections and mullions. These are also French doors that have a double-pane of glass or perhaps a grille in between.

A sliding glass door that is also French style in design is indeed aesthetically appealing.

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