Sliding Doors for Small or Tight Interior Spaces

December 29, 2009

Sliding interior doors can come to the rescue for small spaces and awkward places. Sliding interior doors aren't just for closets anymore, they are making appearances in other rooms where hinged door clearance is taking up floor space and offering awkward passage.

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Sliding interior doors are becoming particularly popular in master bathrooms and dressing areas where every inch of floor space needs to be maximized. They also come to the rescue when the opening needs to offer maximum access, like in the typical closet sliding door use.

For larger openings where a single sliding interior door may be an issue, the double barn style sliding door can be used. The best use for this style is in areas where the doors aren't going to be heavily used, as opening both sides takes time and effort.

But the look of barn style sliding doors is perfect to close off a kitchen area from the dining area when hosting holiday dinners or parties. We also love the barn style sliding doors that can separate the pantry area in the kitchen. They're a cinch to leave open to allow maximum pantry access during meal prep and everyday use. Come entertaining or meal time, close the pantry out of sight and out of mind to your guests.

Sliding doors are becoming popular not only for their looks, but their function and space efficiency. The next time you are facing a door design dilemma, take a look at the new options being offered in sliding interior doors to solve your problem.

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