Eight Ideas for How to Use Interior Sliding Doors as Room Dividers

January 02, 2010

Sliding doors when used as room dividers allow you to partition space in multiple ways, depending on your need at the moment. Some common uses of interior sliding doors as room dividers are between:

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  1. Kitchen and dining room. For formal occasions, close the sliding door to help focus diners on each other and the meal. By blocking the view of the kitchen, you will avoid the stress of having guests or family see a messy kitchen or looking at it yourself. Open the door when the meal is over for quick clean up. For informal meals, leave the door open so family and friends can chat and help with preparations.
  2. Living room and dining room. Opening a sliding door between living room and dining room gives a spacious feeling; closed, the same door adds a sense of intimacy.
  3. Home office and entrance or living room. A closed sliding door creates a sense of professionalism and privacy by confining work and clients to the office space. Open the door when you want to keep an eye on the kids or other happenings around the house.
  4. Bedroom and bath. Often found in master suites, a sliding door allows easy access to the bathroom during busy times, for example, when preparing for work in the morning or when housecleaning. Close the room divider when you want to use your master bedroom as your personal retreat.
  5. Bathroom and toilet. The water closet is a great idea when two or more people share the same bathroom. Create one without constructing a separate room by installing a sliding door.
  6. Bedroom and bedroom. If your kids do not all have rooms of their own, a good way to give them privacy for studying or sleeping is to install a sliding door as a room divider. A couple of panels can make a child feel as if she really does have a room of her own.
  7. Areas in a loft. Top hung sliding doors can be used to cordon off cooking and sleeping for additional privacy and then be moved to their open positions for the open look that loft dwellers love.
  8. Areas in garage or attic. Use one or more sliding doors to carve out a shop or craft area in your garage or attic; a room divider will keep you organized and prevent overflow from other areas from intruding on your space.

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