Stylish Shower Doors for your Bathroom

January 06, 2010

Shower doors have come a long way from their questionable beginnings of the typical frosted sliding plastic insert of the mid 20th Century. While framed aluminum shower doors have been the most enduring style over the years, we love the new frameless shower doors that allow style to take front and center stage rather than the framing assembly.

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The most popular style due to its space saving capabilities is the sliding shower door, as no door clearance is needed. They can be found in two or three sections and they glide seamlessly on a track. The pitfall of these doors is in the track itself, as it can be difficult to clean and the track, if not top quality, can malfunction.

Bifold shower doors have become widely used in small showers, particularly ones that fold in to keep water and drips in the shower rather than out on the bathroom floor. The drawback tends to be the frame assembly necessary in the middle of the door that allows it to fold, and again, the frame can be difficult to clean.

Frameless shower doors are becoming the shower door of choice in the 21st century. The clean look can not only show off fancy marble and tile showers, but there are no messy tracks to malfunction or clean. The frameless glass shower doors are typically made of heavier glass since there is not a supporting frame, and this tends to give them a more upscale look.

Shower doors have come a long way from those plastic sliders with the scummy frames of the 1950's. We love the clean looks and low maintenance frames, and updating shower doors is an inexpensive update to an outdated bathroom.

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