The Shower Door Investment Guide

December 23, 2009

Shower doors are a quick, easy and inexpensive update to a bathroom, and it's money well spent in home improvement. Bathrooms, in particular the master bathroom, are major selling points in a home. Potential buyers are looking for updated and modern conveniences in bathrooms, and contemporary styles are the favorite look.

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The easiest and least expensive DIY project in the bathroom tends to be an updated shower door. Typically, showers in modern homes are using builder's grade shower doors, it's the least expensive choice. The builder's grade shower door typically features a standard, obtrusive aluminum frame and a low end door material.

Look for shower doors that offer unobtrusive framing, or better yet, nonexistent framing, to slip seamlessly into the shower and provide an updated and upgraded look. Glass shower doors can be see-through to make the most of lighting or show off marble and tile within the shower or they can be opaque to offer privacy. While the opaque glass offers privacy, it can also close off the room just a bit. For smaller bathrooms, consider clear glass shower doors to make the most of the space and light.

While etched glass shower doors are popular with homeowners, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, consider foregoing the etched glass and going for the more neutral clear look. The etching may not be to the taste of a potential buyer, and that shower door update may actually work against you in that case.

Updating and upgrading the builder's grade shower door is going to be money well spent in home improvement. In fact, you can expect a return of up to 80% on your investment in the master bath in the form of added value to your home.

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