Custom Artwork for Shower Doors

December 26, 2009

Custom shower doors are taking the design world by storm as homeowners look for new ways to update, renovate and refresh homes. With the current real estate market in flux, buyers and sellers are tending to hunker down and work with what they have until the smoke clears!

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One of the favored investments for homeowners has been a master bath renovation, and the custom shower door is taking front and center stage. Those grand soaking tubs that were so popular in the past decade, people are realizing that they're not only space hogs, but hot water hogs as well. In fact, unless there's an upgraded water heater in the home, there's usually not enough hot water for to even fill the darn thing!

Enter the luxury shower, with jets, steam and multi-leveled massage jets. With these luxury masterpieces comes the challenge of choosing shower doors. Homeowners are looking for subtle upgrades to make the most of their shower investment, and are often turning to custom shower doors to literally fill the void!

In fact, with the many configurations that are offered in luxury showers, custom shower doors become a necessity as standard sized openings are out, and custom sized opening are in. It's all about giving the homeowner exactly what they want at a good price.

Now, the custom shower door may not be just a specific sizing requirement, but a specific décor requirement. Custom etched designs on shower doors are becoming popular upgrades as new technology makes customization more affordable.

Custom shower doors may actually be the new standard shower door with the range of options and styles that are ready, willing and able to take on customization.

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