Wood Rustic Interior Doors: Décor with Deep Roots

January 05, 2010

If you're considering a rustic interior door, chances are it's a wood rustic interior door. The rustic style of decorating is deeply rooted, no pun intended, in using available materials and craftsmanship to build furnishings and even homes. This style was from a day when people took pride in their workmanship.

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During the late 19th Century, new manufacturing techniques began to allow the mass production of furniture and architectural pieces. It would seem the rustic and primitive look would be lost at this point. But in the early 20th Century people began to revolt against the heavy ornamentation and the lack of quality craftsmanship found in the mass produced pieces that was bringing affordable furniture to the masses.

People began to look for quality and workmanship rather than high style and mass production. In fact, the workmanship took front and center stage of this timeframe, known as the Craftsman or Arts and Crafts era. Rustic and primitive doors again took to doorways, but the style was a little more sleek and crafted rather than a make-do style from the earlier times.

The rustic and primitive door has shown staying power, as it once again becomes the popular door of choice in the 21st Century. These rustic doors are slipping into the popular lodge, cabin and cottage styles that have become so popular. And, of course, rustic doors were always popular in the enduring country and farmhouse styles.

Rustic doors and primitive décor has roots dating back hundreds of years, so you can expect the look to continue to have some staying power in interior design, even as styles evolve through the years.

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