Rustic Interior Doors - Casual Country Style

January 03, 2010

Rustic interior doors have a legion of fans in country, cabin, cottage and casual decorating schemes. No other door can add charm and warmth to these styles like a primitive or rustic interior door. In fact, this look has a rich tradition dating back to the early European days when it was not a style but a necessity. Basically rustic and primitive style was function and make-do decorating that as it evolved, kept the early techniques and materials as part of its charm and tradition.

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Rustic interior doors run the gamut in style from a rustic French farmhouse style to early American simplicity. More modern rustic styles have been the popular cottage, cabin and lodge decorating styles have brought the rustic and primitive interior door back into the limelight.

Since nature and simplicity reigns supreme in rustic style, rustic doors are typically stained wood that makes the most of any natural wood imperfections and it's considered part of the charm of the piece. There are no sleek, bright finishes found here, the favored hardware of primitive doors tends to be wrought iron with hand hammered finishes.

Without ornate embellishments to decorate this door, craftsmanship takes front and center stage in the rustic door. Joinery techniques in particular can be played up to make a big style impact. The joinery is the method used to join the wood pieces in the door, and includes finger jointing and dovetailing. It becomes part of the decoration in primitive and rustic décor.

The primitive door isn't shy about announcing its style. It's normally big, bold and proud of its lack of ornamentation and its humble roots.

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