Necessity is the Mother of Invention for Rustic Doors

January 04, 2010

Rustic interior doors tend to be able to slip into a casual décor with style. But this look isn't so much a style as it was a necessity. You see, rustic and primitive styles were basically what people had to use to make-do with the techniques and materials they had access to. There wasn't ornamentation or embellishments that brought rustic doors to everyone's attention, it was the simplicity and tradition that they represented.

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Rustic interior doors take you back to simpler times, when families gathered around the table for the evening meal, when there weren't televisions and iPods and cell phones to provide a 24 hour a day connection to news, friends and careers. Rustic and primitive doors weren't used to decorate the home, they were used because that's all that was available! The thick natural wood and heavy latches and hinges certainly weren't the style of the day, just what was there in the day!

Glass inserts and heavy carvings weren't normally found in rustic doors, as there was no way to weatherproof the glass nor tools to do elaborate carvings. What you will find though is charming little details that could be accomplished using elementary tools and little upgrades that may have been attempts by the husband to provide a little something extra for his wife. I always think of Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie saying "Oh, Charles, it's lovely!" when I think of these little extras!

Rustic interior doors aren't high style, they're rich, traditional looks that have evolved from their humble beginnings.

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