Rollup Interior Doors - Commercial Workhorses with Style

December 31, 2009

Rollup interior doors are the staple of the storage industry, not to mention additional commercial and industrial uses. Commercial rollup doors maximize openings and are necessary for large, tall openings. But in some locations they are an absolute necessity.

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Retail locations with large open front access need rollup interior doors to store up and out of the way, and even most importantly, out of sight and out of mind. Rollup doors are perfect for retail locations in malls and other interior locations.

Typically interior rollup doors have a functional look without much in the style department, and that's being overly generous in the description. They are usually sturdy metal in styles that allow passersby to see the interior of the store and other styles that block visibility. Basically commercial roll up doors are metal monstrosities in many cases.

Luckily, door manufacturers have realized the need to add aesthetics to the functionality of commercial rollup doors. Wood roll up doors have been making an appearance in more upscale settings. The options include the choice of any hardwood in any finish and the door can be manually operated or motorized.

Stylish retail rollup doors are becoming widely used in locations such as hotels where public areas need a stylish separator for private areas with large openings. It's nice to see upgrades made to the workhorse of the commercial door industry.

Commercial roll-up interior doors have always been highly regarded for their function, and with new styles, materials and upgrades sneaking into the mix, they can be regarded for their looks as well.

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