Rolling Up Door Solutions for Residences

January 01, 2010

Roll up doors have long been the work horses of commercial and retail locations, but rollup doors have also been sneaking into residences as well. Surely not the heavy duty industrial style rollup doors that we're used to seeing in storage facilities, but custom hardwood roll up doors that provide the elegance that people demand along with smooth performance for specific functions.

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Roll up doors were first used in residential interiors in the late 19th Century when they were used in the classic oak roll top desk. This accordion styled door could cover the desktop and hide clutter with one fell swoop, and it did so oh-so stylishly. It's a wonder that we haven't been using the rollup door more in the residential interiors through the years, as it offers a great solution to hiding problem areas.

The rollup door is perfect for entertainment centers to remove the view blocking door from the scene for optimum viewing. Countertop rollup doors have also been sneaking into distinctive kitchens as the perfect solution to hide areas for small countertop appliances, eliminating the need to store appliances or having them clutter the countertop.

Primarily the residential interior roll up doors are found in decorative hardwood, but we've also loved the introduction of industrial styled accordion doors for the closet for a more modern and contemporary look.

While fancy wood rollup doors aren't quite the workhorses that their metal counterparts are, as due to the weight of the wood they generally can't be used in areas over 10 feet by 10 feet, they certainly come in handy in the home and look elegant in the process.

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