Industrial Strength Interior Roll Up Doors

January 02, 2010

Built for speed, convenience and strength, the industrial and commercial roll up doors are known for their space saving role in the storage industry that allow optimum access to the storage area. While their durability and smooth operation are important factors in interior rollup doors, the finish takes on importance for commercial settings, such as the storage facility, where the public views the interior doors.

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Powder coated metal offers the most durable finish option for commercial roll up doors. While the initial cost may be higher than the standard offerings, the payoff is reduced maintenance and a longer life for the surface. It's also the best finish to prohibit rust in metal roll up doors.

Upgrades that should be considered with industrial roll up interior doors include:

  • Soundproofing materials to reduce noise in industrial areas;
  • Fire rated roll up doors for safety concerns;
  • Insulated roll up doors that help energy efficiency, not to mention employee comfort; and
  • Window inserts for visibility

    Commercial roll up doors are also known for being 'mall rats.' They offer a way to close off a large opening while they can be stored up and out of the way, and more importantly, out of sight. These roll up doors are typically not the galvanized sheets or metal industrial strength rollup doors found in industrial locations, but they are still commercial work horses.

    Quality is of the utmost importance for commercial and industrial rollup interior doors. Choose doors from respected and proven door manufacturers.

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